Water Damage Photo Gallery

Mold growth

Un-treated water damage

When this water damage went untreated, this mold growth was the result. Mold is a by-product of water damage and when not cleanup in a timely manner a predictable result.

Large Scale Water Damage

This unoccupied property experienced several pipe breaks resulting in this flooding. The extreme cold temperatures continue to wreak havoc throughout Lackawanna County. This property experienced severe damage throughout and will require a large scale mitigation work. 

Water Damage Olyhant

Water will always seek its lowest level. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge certified water restoration technicians will assess all areas of your home or business for water damage to ensure the property is restored safety and efficiently.

Water Damage Scranton Pa

A water pipe blew causing this damage at a home in Scranton, Pa. This picture shows how powerful water can be and how much damage it can cause. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge was called to mitigate the damage and restore the property.

Creative Drying

A recent upstairs bathroom water leak compromised this beautiful hardwood floor in Scranton. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge created a floor drying system in order to save the hardwood. By tenting the floor we are able to extract the moisture from the wood by using air movers and dehumidifiers. Repairing/saving instead of replacing not only saves money but also the integrity of the home.

Desiccant Drying in Lackawanna County

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge employing the use of a desiccant at this school in Scranton to help facilitate the drying process from a large area. The proper drying techniques allows for a return to a safe and healthy environment.

Broken Water Pipe Damage - Scranton Pa.

Pictured above are the devastating effects of a broken water pipe in an upstairs bathroom on the basement level of this home in Scranton, PA. This poor woman awoke to find this mess after a bathroom supply line broke. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge was able to respond within an hour to help this customer.

Water Damage - Scranton Pa

These are additional pictures from a devastating water loss on an older Victorian home in Scranton Pa. A third floor toilet supply line broke in the middle of the night causing this damage. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge made it "Like it never even happened®" 

Mitigating a Water Loss in Clarks Summit, PA

A senior living facility in Clarks Summit, Pa. suffered water damage due to ice damming. They called SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks-Summit/Old Forge to mitigate the issue. We were on scene within 2 hours helping to preserve the carpet and appliances instead of a costly replacement.

Indoor Flooding - Clarks Summit, Pa.

This devastation was caused by a supply line rupturing in a third floor bathroom in a home in Clarks Summit, Pa. Accidents occur and SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge is there to help. Timely mitigation can save the carpet and some of the walls from an expensive replacement.

Drying Mats to Save Hardwood Flooring

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge employing the use of drying mats to save a hardwood floor in a water damaged home in Tunkhannock Pa. Repairing instead of replacing damaged parts of the structure and contents saves money and the integrity of the structure.

Specialized Equipment Helps Save Money and Property

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge using drying mats to dry a home in Tunkhannock, Pa. The mats literally suck the moisture from the wood to facilitate the drying process and preserving the structure.

Flooded Basement

The chance a water heater will leak or burst begins to dramatically increase when it is 5 years old. Three-quarters (3/4) of all water heaters fail before they are 12 years old. Below does a busted water heater cause a flooded basement.

Water Always Finds its Lowest Level.

This is a picture of how devastating water damage can be to a home. This kitchen in Scranton had a pipe burst in an upstairs bathroom flooding the kitchen below. We were called by the insurance agent to make sure huis insured an elderly woman was safe secure and made whole.

It's Not the Freeze, but the Thaw

thawing of a frozen water line can cause it to rupture. When water freezes it expands causing the pipe to crack and rupture. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of this recently.

Production Crew in Action.

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forges production crew setting up a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture level in this structure in Scranton, Pa. Dehumidification is used to decrease the drying time. Quicker drying equates to less structural damage.

Conventional refrigerant Dehumidifier

The conventional dehumidifier is the most common and the model typically found in your basement. Energy efficient, works best with high temperatures and high humidity. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge has the latest and greatest equipment.

Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers (LGR)

A LGR dehumidifier is one of the newest forms of mechanical dehumidification. The unit performs better at a high humidity. The coils do not freeze up as quickly and is used when temperatures are below freezing.

Condensation is a Sign of Moisture Issues

If evaporation is occurring faster than vapor removal condensation will appear on colder surfaces. Condensation is an indication of inadequate dehumidification. In order to properly dry this structure dehumidification is required

Winter Woes-Busted Pipes

A pipe in the ceiling of this home in Waverly, Pa. froze and burst, causing this damage. Please ensure that if your home is unattended that the heating system is serviced and the home is checked.

A Warped Ceiling Fan-UUGH!

Intense moisture from water damage in a home in Scranton, PA caused this ceiling fan to warp. We were able to make this emergency service call because we are available 24/7.


Moisture inside a home can cause rot, mildew or weakened structure. The mirror inside this home was caused by the moisture resulting from a busted water pipe. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge was called in to mitigate the damage.

Frozen Pipes

Ice emerging from a water line that froze in the recent cold spell. The expanding water will cause pipes to crack, and once the temperature rises and the ice melts, the water flows freely causing a huge mess within a home or business. Ensure your home is properly winterized.

Excessive Moisture-Long Term Affects

The excessive moisture from a large scale water loss caused the paint to peel from the sheet rock in this home. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge was called in to dry the home.

Buckled Oak Floor

This water damaged oak floor unfortunately buckled due to excessive water and a delay in drying it. While we do our best to repair instead of replace, sometimes replacement is necessary.

Commercial Water Damage - 1 Hour Response

Commercial water loss in Dunmore, PA. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge was on site within an hour to help dry the facility. The business experienced minimal disruption due to the fast response time. When smoke, fire or water disrupts your business call the team who has the experience and equipment to handle any size disaster. We are Lackawanna County's leader in emergency services, available 24/7/365. Call us at (570) 235-1646 to help your business get back up and running.

Indoor Flood. Oh No!

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge was called to mitigate and dry this commercial property in Dickson City, PA. A sprinkler pipe ruptured, causing a significant area of the building to flood.

Rusty Air Duct Vent Equals Excessive Moisture

A rusty air duct vent could be a sign of excessive moisture within a home or business. This amount of moisture in your ducts could lead to other issues like mold.