Commercial Photo Gallery

Large Scale Commercial Disaster

No job is too big is one of SERVPRO motto's. Pictured is a large scale water disaster at a Scranton manufacturing facility. The entire building flooded when an underground water pipe ruptured. We were able to partner with other SERVPRO franchises to help this business limit their business interruption and restore their facility.

Emergency Services-Water Disaster

When a retail establishment in the city of Scranton needed to remain operable, we created drying tents. This creative drying techniques  helps facilitate the drying process and allows the business to remain open.  

Commercial Dryer Ducts

Pictures is a recent dryer duct cleaning SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge completed for a hotel in Dickson City. The greater the frequency of dryer use the greater the frequency needed in cleaning the ducts. Call us to set up a preventive maintenance schedule.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge as part of its commercial cleaning services partners with local restaurants to provide commercial kitchen cleaning. This picture was an after we did for a customer in Dickson City to as a preparation for re-opening.

Dryer Duct Lint

Dryer fires are a leading cause of commercial fires. When lint build up it causes excessive heat and increase the risk for a disaster. This picture shows how much lint can build up over a period of time when regular cleaning is not completed.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty and dusty vents are indicative of dirty air duct lines. Dirty ducts equate to poor indoor air quality. Let SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge clean and disinfect the ducts and improve the air quality for both employees and customers.

Monday Morning Disaster

When you come to work on a Monday morning in Scranton Pa. and find a water disaster the only thing to do is call SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge, the Scranton areas leader in emergency disaster water cleanup.

Prepping for a Commercial Cleaning

A church in Carbondale suffered a puff back (furnace malfunction) which caused soot to be spread throughout the building. We were called to do a through top down clean to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge offers free estimates and preventive maintenance programs on our commercial carpet cleaning services. This is our latest project at a commercial building in Scranton.

Nicotine Stained Apartment

Nicotine is a difficult substance to clean. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge was called to this apartment in Carbondale to clean and paint due to the extensive damage. See our before and afters pictures for the results.

Commercial water Damage

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks-Summit/Old Forge, setting containment to properly dry a ceiling at a commercial structure in Scranton, Pa. A sprinkler head froze and busted causing this water damage on the second floor. The specialized equipment help make SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge the leading restoration and mitigation company in Lackawanna County.

Commercial Board Up Services

This board up at a commercial property in Pittston, Pa. was necessary for both safety and security. Board up services is another service we provide for our customers 24/7/365. SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge is the Lackawanna County's premier emergency services company.

Manufacturing Cleaning

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge does cleaning of manufacturing facilities from top down. Pictured above SERVPRO needed lifts in order to clean the ceiling of dust build up over an extended time period.

Containment to Facilitate the Drying Process

Containment is necessary in order to facilitate the drying process. Here a SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge certified water technician drying a school hallway at a local college. 

Certified Boom Lift Employees

When an HVAC duct system suffers water damage and is not dried properly, long term mold ramifications are possible. Here is SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge certified tech cleaning a commercial duct system as part of an overall water mitigation job.

Emergency Services for a Scranton School

When a large turkey buzzard flew through this school's window causing both a glass hazard as well as a bio-hazard issue for the students, SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge was called to clean up the mess.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge completing a commercial carpet cleaning for a healthcare facility in Lackawanna County. The facility was due for a state inspection and needed the place in tip top shape so the called us.